Safety Notice from Pets4Homes - NEVER send money for a deposit or pay for a … “The Aylesbury was originally developed to be table fowl, and was bred in large numbers for that purpose,” says Mower. APPROX. Our ducks range from 1.6kg – 2.6kg and can be larger for seasonal times. They can be processed for meat when 7-8 weeks old. AYLESBURY DUCKS. ORDER NOW. Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, Great Britain . Between weeks 9-14 they get a new set of feathers and plucking is difficult. BREEDING. Aylesbury ducks are the breed of choice breed in England used since the 1800’s for its superior quality meat. PRIMARY FUNDING FOR OUR PRESERVATION WORK comes from the sale of birds and donations from people who share our interest in saving endangered waterfowl from extinction. We offer several breeds of adorable Day-Old Ducklings shipped directly to your local post office. The duck can be processed around 40 days old when it reaches around 7 lbs. Aylesbury Ducklings and Aylesbury Ducks for Sale in Devon, UK. They began with 30 ducklings and no idea about what they were doing in 2009. Greg and Jodi Clarke farm free-range Aylesbury and Pekin ducks on their 16-hectare property overlooking Port Campbell, near the Twelve Apostles and Victoria’s Great Ocean Road. Aylesbury Ducks. day old ducks, duck breeding, Devon, Uk. Baby Ducklings for sale. Ducklings Ducklings have a minimum of 3 and you are able to mix and match among duckling breeds to meet this minimum. Richard is the 6th generation of a family of Aylesbury duck breeders and poultry farmers with a history going back to circa 1775. Our Aylesbury ducklings have featured on the original Rick Stein Food Heroes programme and have also been featured on the BBC's Great British Menu and Aylesbury ducks … For the past eight years, she has been raising Aylesbury ducks. Aylesbury ducklings for sale now off heat,these are bred from our free range Aylesbury ducks,these ducklings will grow into large birds,they do not fly,good egg layers and very quite. We offer a wide selection of day old ducks and adult duck pairs, safely shipped anywhere in the United States with our safe arrival guarantee!Browse a wide selection of Ducks for Sale to include: Pekin Ducks, Mallard Ducks, Rouen Ducks, Cayuga Ducks, Indian Runner Ducks, and Khaki Campbell Ducks.We also offer the option to select your duck gender when ordering your ducklings. Hatching Eggs, White Ducks, Table Ducks, Breeding Aylesbury Ducks. Please call for details.. We are not able to combine ducklings with any other poultry types. Aylesbury ducks are a dual purpose bird which means that they can be used for both meat and egg laying purposes. The couple chose the Aylesbury for its historical connections. We now have Aylesbury Ducks and Aylesbury ducklings for sale. Ducklings will ship on Mondays or Tuesdays, USPS priority mail, and arrive 1-3 days later. White Layer Starting at: $6.44 First avail: Dec 14, 2020. The White Layer duck is a great forager and a prolific egg layer. Off Heat Ducklings are between 3 to 4 weeks old at the time of sale. Records of the first poultry show in 1845 show classes for 'Aylesbury or … As well as whole ducks we also supply free range duck joints. We also have Chocolate Muscovy Ducks, Sebastopol Geese, pure Suffolk ram lambs and Oxford Sandy and Black weaners for sale from time to time. The Pekin are calm, do not fly, and aren't as motherly as other duck breeds. We can help you to choose a breed that best suits your needs, from hefty meat birds like the Pekin or the Rouen, to sweet pet varieties like the Crested and the Blue Swedish, or Top Layers, such as the Golden Layer or Khaki Cambell. Your free range duck will be prepared ready for the oven with giblets vacuumed packed and carefully placed inside. They were one of the first breeds to be introduced to the US from Europe. Our Aylesbury ducks are available all year round and larger ducks are available at Christmas. ORIGIN. 150-200 EGGS/YEAR. Maintaining such a large genetic stock of ducks and geese is a time-consuming and expensive undertaking. Kim Mower, a long time dairy farmer in Sedro Woolley, Washington, has been maintaining rare and endangered poultry breeds since 1979. They are highly esteemed for their pure white color, pink bills, large size, ability to produce eggs in the winter, fast growth, light bones and abundant meat.