I've seen str build Dhan can 3hit or 2hit kill with Priest, Templar, Ranger, Agi Dhans, Dex guards, even some Warlocks, etc. Charge 4 : (or 5, you will have 2, or more if you SES some skills, free skillpoints.. will explain later.). wajib!! wat eye wear and earings should a hybrid guardian use?? Recovers HP/MP by 9000. And also because it stacks with Marea’s grace. 1 Taunt With 51’s I ended up having 1650 str and near 1000 Dex. They are an extremely popular class as they are a critical based class (very powerful PVP), are not as weak defensively, in comparison to the Agi Dhan, and are more useful to parties due to Knight(Protection, Rising Might) and Guardian… Base Stats ... Dex Build: membangun ini sering disebut sebagai cash-pengguna membangun seperti itu sangat tergantung pada gigi. Defenders/Templars/Rangers/other Guardians Critical Aura 5 : No explanation needed. I've been loving Dhan characters since they can do huge critical damages. – Final Crash: Higher FC damage. Keep in mind tho that this guide was made before epics/ upgrades and just all the newer stuff in general. Weight increases by 10%. Weight increases by 40%. 1 Invoke, Dex Knight: (this feature can only be used every two minutes). i follow 3 str 1 vit and i distribute the points like this: INVOKE (MAX TO 5) I don’t suggest using a full dex build, but instead a 3:1, 4:2, 6:2 dex to vit stat distribution. Why Roha’s Blessing Level 3 so far? By then, you can get full armor sets with great physical and magic defense from solo quests and then make them into a nice Edwin set. 1 Bleeding is a +30 vit glasses and earings good? I see people in other forums question certain aspects of builds because of the 7 million counters to a certain skill…but that’s why this game IS balanced. This structure has the potential in 1v1 PvPBut since you maxxing your AoE's, fans of DEX, and an increase in the rate of criticism puts him only leaves little room to save the extra points. Check out some of the character build and skill guides for the Human race in Rohan Philippines. Required fields are marked *. Personally, I use a Soft Kahto because chasing down Rangers in PvP is fun. Why not until the 3rd unique? The Guide of the Guardian class is made by FaithMistress of Rohan forums. You don’t have to worry about making up for your dex with accessories because you should be adding it every level or so (since that’s kind of the point of a Hybrid) and you shouldn’t have any problems missing. For this sword the next items were used : 3x max/close to max vit swords + 1x 12% HP sword + high vit ring to enchant it. the boss Lord of Flames located in Varvylon (J4) 11. Also the Kahto allows you to skip ( explained in Pvp tips ). Some examples : – Put both of them in Roha’s blessing and possibly SES it to 6. 5 Protection bf2master94 12 years ago #9. Weight increases by 50%. it depends on you'r playing style. 1 Taunt Roar Otherwise, just go after the people you know you can kill within a single rush…or help stack stuns on more powerful players in order to drop them with a team effort. 5 Sharpen Blade I didn’t have the best gear.. average bedron with 280-360 HP on it, my melee sword had 33% Damage Drop, and I had no RP/Crones to make myself a Crit sword. Also with lvl 6/7 and CS you could fully drain a Priest, and templars with Mana Guard on. Throughout all my time spent doing PvP, I rarely wish for a longer duration of Roha’s Blessing, yet love Stone Skin being maxed due to how it lasts for the entire duration of Order Swing. Humans are one of the most popular classes in Rohan Online due to high survivability and potent attacks. Recovers HP/MP by 7000. 5 Darkness 5 War Cry Many players try to be ‘cheap’ and save points for the more flashy skills like Order Swing and Crazy Standing…but with this bare minimum build you will have plenty of points to max all of the necessary skills on the Guardian tree as soon as they become available. 1 Invoke (6% instead of 5%) – Rush: 1 second longer stun. 2 crash above. Learn how your comment data is processed. 1 Psychic Crash Base Stats Strength Build: Most people follow a 3:1 strength to vit build. I prefered Vit because the amount of vit made up alot for the lack of P.defense. Skill build guardian dex Hello Hello ,, sedikit share dari saya tentang skill build buat guardian dex yang telah saya coba terapkan dalam bermain game rohan, mudah2an bisa berguna juga buat kalian dan cocok juga dengan yang anda inginkan. 5 Crash Above Also good to get away from people. Level 1 will do. 5 Rising Might Games, Toys, Tech and Photography. Now, as a strength build myself, I highly suggest putting 5 points into Sharpen Blade. Why in my opinion the little base Dex? My guardian had 90~100 base dex and the rest into str.. fully lvl 7 buffed, with wings and not the best earrings/goggles I ended up having 1350 Str and 650 Dex. You can always skill stones from cash shop or super lucky and find a crowd of one:) Stat Point Build at Level 99 Rohan Scout Stat Build Hybrid Build: This is the most powerful build for a Guardian there is but it’s very gear-dependent. But I didn’t run arround with my melee sword, I ran arround with my Vit/HP sword, wich gave me a total of 17k HP. Ok, so the stats are pretty straight forward for knights. 5 Order Swing No matter what I’d still say that arround 90~100 base Dex and the rest in str will be more then enough. Level 2: Mobility increases by 20%. (Walked arround with shield + Tank sword if not attacking.) Blue Drain 5 : One of the most underrated pvp skills of a guardian, will explain the use later on. Hybrid Knight: No matter what I’d still say that arround 90~100 base Dex and the rest in str will be more then enough. (this feature can only be used every two minutes). (paralyze) – Knight Symbol: Higher KS damage. Sony Playstation 5 confirmed to launch Holidays 2020. Heavy weapon 5 : Very usefull pvp skill, especially vs Dhans/Str. First I’ll give you a list of preferable Weapons to have: 5x% Melee sword with OR atleast 30%+ DD or 10%+ Crit. btw im only lvl 20(still weak) my other knight is lvl 34 and distributed the points like this: HP increases by 35%. The recommendation is to go full DEX stats while using the sword and shield weapon for a Guardian. (incoming critical hit damage is lowered). User Info: bf2master94. If you don’t have an EM membership, dex and vit accessories will work just fine. Buffs with greater than a three second casting time are reduced by 1.0 second. Established 2004. (you get an additional chance to block an incoming attack completely). Dex: Pre-60, use any combination of dex/vit accessories as these are the only two stats you should ever be putting points into. The same applies for dex as strength — until R4 drops become more common, Wings are the way to go. 5 Crit Aura (you get an additional chance to block an incoming attack completely). Total that sums up to alot of Dex, so that little base dex will give you a decent amount of dex. Your email address will not be published. Stoneskin 5 : Can help you out in hard situations. Both numbers are without 30% HP scroll). 5 War Cry You don’t have to level it right away in order to save points for the Guardian tree (mainly because you use a lot of points on the Knight tree as it is), but it’s definitely a must-have by end game IMO. On Marea, hardly anybody has them and I don’t think anybody has a full set of any R4 boss drops yet. this is a very nice build guide..but there is one thing i dont understand, what is imbue?pls clarify it,thanks a lot…more power,, bakit po sa amin ang rohan di na maka log in kac pag log in ko humihinge ng verification code ….ano dapat nmn gawin para maka pag laro na kami 2 days na kami di maka pag laro…sayang character namin sir…, hi nice guide but what is imbue is it darkness,frozen? Weight increases by 40%. Level 3: Site memory retention 30 minutes (allows you to teleport back to your saved location). Without the proper weapons and armor, you will be squishy (lose more pdef than you think you would from the strength/vit you lose per level) and an easy target to take out and if you don’t have the proper weapons then you won’t be taking advantage of what the hybrid build offers — steady base hits with devastating crits. 5 Rising Might 3 physic Crash Simply because with Level 7 Crazy standing you can use Crazy Standing twice ( actually 1.5 times) in One Order Swing, wich will result in alot more damage output. 5 Invoke Rocket League All Moves, Skills and Techniques Guide. 1 Taunt I have said this so many times before, but weapon damage is one of the most underrated things in this game. But really.. To be honest it’s Crazy Standing and Order Swing that are most important, then the STR buffs and WA buffs. So Ive tracked down Roys (aka Katyperry) old Hybrid/STR Guardian guide as it has become apparent to me while playing on the new sever that there is alot of newer players who are in need of such guides as this. Accessories Strength Guardian: There is a discussion going on about wether to go Full str or 90~100 base dex. or Human Guardian lol. If you are into duels, that’s cool…and you can build your character that way. For Strength/Hybrid builds, once again this depends on your playing style. So this is a pet which helps on more different area’s. Level 2: Complete Defense 15%. – Crazy Standing: More damage in Crazy Standing + when you Level 7 it you can fit 1,5 CS in one OS. Quest 1, u need to find Camila (bindstone guard) at Caronia’s tomb bindstone located at varrylon. Then from lvl 6 onwards you should go 3vit 1 str till you hit 50. Why not Protection? It costs to much to fix your build in Rohan so im better off safe then sorry. 5 Crazy Standing The Rohan Ranger Quest part IV requires you to acquire the Fragment of Ohn from. Why soft Kahto? 12. – Blue Drain: More mana drained. 5 Crazy Strength Weight increases by 30%. For the 3rth Unique you should be looking at close to 40% melee on it and 30%+ DD or 10%+ Crit (Sorry that I don’t spend much attention to the lower levels, but in my opinion Hybrids below high 8x’s aren’t worth mentioning as a Hybrid.. because you’re Str and Dex won’t be high enough at that level. Personally, I stayed with base dex all the way up until level 60 where I was able to use four Wings of Solemn Death (15 strength, vit, dex). The best piece of advice I can give is to know your opponent. 5 Imbue I loved crit reduction when I still had my Level 3 Tiger, so I will also love it when I had a King Lion, Plus it has HP increase and Attack speed increase, wich are both usefull. Then you should be looking at things like, Str buffs, Sharpen + Sword mastery, Blue Drain, KS, and the others. Saya tidak menyarankan menggunakan dex penuh membangun, melainkan suatu 3:1, 4:2, 6:02 dex untuk distribusi stat vit. Starting with the absolute minimum, these are what they should look like: Strength Knight: If you are not a member of the Exchange Market, I suggest still using dex accessories so that if you ever do get your hands on a Wings of Solemn Death, you do not have too much dex (unless you wish to have it that way, I know many Guardians who do). They have a large assortment of defensive buffs and HP. The Black Market: 0 /0/ 0. The Elder Scrolls: Blades Early Access Impressions, Valor’s Reach, a new Magic: The Gathering mobile game, has been revealed, Brown Dust Global Tier List – Rerolling Guide, Keyforge: Call of the Archons by Fantasy Flight Games, MTG Philippines Nationals 2018 at Glorietta, Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation Dx2 Beta Impressions. It’s cheap! If you wish to have Roha’s Blessing do the same, level 3 lasts for 30 seconds. 5 Physical Blow Rising Might 5 : No explanation needed. Don’t forget to drop by the Rohan forum for the latest discussion on the Rohan Guardian Discussion. Any build is countered and it’s important to play your character to its strengths and not its weaknesses. PROT (MAX TO 5) Molly: Level 1: Complete Defense 5%. With these skill distributions, there will be plenty of points left over at level 62 and above to work on the rest of your tree to make your character fit your playing style. for the neophyte dex type you should get this skill: Some minor pro’s from blue drain : blue drain a vit dekan and he will health to mana -> loses more hp -> easier to kill, and you can work together with a dhan, blue drain + mana drain + a succesed mind ex = legit. 1 Taunt Roar Armor Rohan Human Class and Character Guides Level 3: Critical damage reduced by 20%.